Jasper The Mule

jasperbundle1a.jpg The Jasper Reading Bundle
Join Jasper the Mule and his friends in these wholesome, holiday-themed stories, as they learn about life, love and friendship. Includes Jasper: The Story of a Mule, Jasper: A Precious Valentine, Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth, Jasper: A Turkey Tale, Jasper: A Christmas Caper, and the Jasper Goes to Bishop Coloring Book. All beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Shields.

jasperbundle2c.jpg The Jasper Movie Bundle (Includes Fabulous Fourth)
Gather the whole family for the fun, laughter and lessons, as you experience all of Jasper’s adventures together in this animated children’s show. Includes Jasper: The Story of a Mule, Jasper: A Precious Valentine, Jasper: A Turkey Tale, Jasper: A Christmas Caper and the live action-animated Jasper Goes to Bishop. With music from Riders In The Sky! Now includes the most recent DVD - Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth!

jasperbundle3c.jpg The Complete Jasper (Includes Fabulous Fourth)
Jasper Reading Bundle and Jasper Movie Bundle. Catch Jasper the mule’s story right from the very beginning, and follow him as he learns the lessons of life, love and friendship in this special collection. Includes all Books and DVDs plus the Jasper & Friends Music CD featuring music from Grammy winning group, Riders In The Sky and county music artist Mindy Ellis! Now includes the most recent DVD - Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth!

jasperdvdff200.jpg Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth (DVD)

It’s the Fourth of July and a big celebration is brewing at Happy Valley Ranch. Jasper the Mule becomes the ultimate “party crasher” as he quickly finds out that mules and pool parties don’t mix, and freedom comes with responsibilities.
A day full of high-jinx, laughter and great music by Grammy®-winning Western band, Riders In The Sky, turns into a wonder-filled night, as the sky comes alive with fireworks and Jasper and his friends celebrate our country’s birth.

LTR_DVD_JAS_TT_CU WHT BG-a.jpg Jasper: A Turkey Tale (DVD)

As the gang prepares for the big Thanksgiving celebration, Jasper the Mule and his pal, Moxie the Dog, are hot on the trail of adventure! A mishap with a truckload of turkeys turns into a real live mystery, as the boys solve the case of “The Beady Eyes in the Bushes!”

When they make a new friend who is lost and alone, Jasper’s mule-y sense of loyalty kicks in and he is determined to help, no matter what. Will Jasper and Moxie save the day? Will their new friend find his “forever home?” All the fun and warmth of Thanksgiving come to life in Jasper: A Turkey Tale.

LTR_BOOK_TURKEY_JAS_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Turkey Tale (Book)
This latest holiday adventure finds Jasper, Moxie and the gang preparing for Thanksgiving. But near disaster threatens their plans, and Jasper and Moxie are stumped by a mysterious visitor. Join in the fun as the two friends try to solve the mystery and along the way, learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
Written by Meredith Hodges, with full-color illustration by Bonnie Shields.

LTR_DVD_JAS_PV_CASE_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Precious Valentine (DVD)

When Jasper and his human family head up to Bald Mountain for a picnic to celebrate Valentine's Day, Jasper gets a crash course in love. As father and daughter bond, the animals are having their own adventures. Moxie is at it again, heading into the woods for some very messy hijinks. Meanwhile, Jasper discovers a big surprise that changes everything and gives him a true understanding of the holiday!

LTR_JAS_PV_Book_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Precious Valentine (Book)
Fully illustrated by Bonnie Shields, this heart-warming story follows Jasper and friends as they travel to the mountains for a picnic and discover a long-lost friend and the true meaning of the day.

LTR_DVD_JAS_JCC_CASE_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Christmas Caper (DVD)

It's the Christmas season and Jasper and his human family are in high spirits as they travel to visit far-away friends a few towns over. When Jasper and his pal, Moxie the dog, get out of the yard and wander down a strange alley, the two friends are headed straight for one big adventure!

LTR_Book_JAS_JCC_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Christmas Caper (Book)
Jasper and his friends have an exciting holiday adventure, and save Christmas. The second book in the Jasper the Mule series, this fun-filled adventure includes mystery, friendship and plenty of Christmas spirit. Fully illustrated and fun for the whole family.

LTR_JAS_FF_book_Amazon.jpg Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth (Book)
Join Jasper and all his friends on another holiday adventure. When Kylie and her father host a Fourth of July picnic for family and friends, Jasper and Moxie get a taste of freedom the whole gang will remember.
Fully illustrated by Bonnie Shields.

LTR_DVD_JAS_JGTB_CASE_Amazon.jpg Jasper Goes To Bishop (DVD)

An amazing blend of animation and live-action kids will love, this half-hour program salutes Bishop Mule Days, the world's biggest mule show, and delivers a powerful, positive message about what we can achieve with big dreams, persistence and a little help from our friends. With Special Features.

LTR_Book_JAS_JGTB_CLR_BK.jpg Jasper Goes To Bishop (Coloring Book)
Join Jasper for his exciting adventure at the famous Bishop Mule Days, with this fun-filled "Jasper Goes to Bishop" Coloring Book. Includes 20 coloring pages, with drawings by Tennessee Mule Artist and Jasper illustrator Bonnie Shields, plus eight different games for kids to play and a pull out Jasper poster.

LTR_BOOK_JAS_JSOAM_Amazon.jpg Jasper: The Story of a Mule (Book)
The book that started it all, this wholesome story introduces young readers to Jasper and all his friends and shares valuable lessons about life and love. Beautifully illustrated by Tennessee Mule Artist Bonnie Shields, the 245-page book is designed to endure for generations.

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LTR_DVD_JAS_SOAM_Amazon.jpg Jasper: The Story of a Mule (DVD)
The Jasper The Mule animated show on DVD that's fun for the whole family. Jasper: The Story of a Mule is a children's story. Jasper and the other nine characters are living life's lessons through a whimsical, yet reality based storyline. Includes the Jasper 2d animated feature, special features, clips of other products by Meredith Hodges and more!

LTR_CD_JAS_CU_Amazon.jpg Jasper and his Friends Present Riders In The Sky and Mindy Ellis Music (CD)
Music CD. A collection of 15 toe-tappin' tunes by Riders In The Sky and Mindy Ellis. Includes songs from the "Jasper: The Story of a Mule" DVD such as, "Jasper, That's Who," "Hello Jasper," and "Anywhere on this Earth.

storejasperfigurine200.jpg Figurine - Jasper and Friends
Limited Offer
This limited edition, hand-painted figurine by Bonnie Shields captures the friendship shared between Jasper the Mule and his two best friends Moxie and Kylie. (6" x 6")
Special Order! To place your order, please call 800-816-7566.

storejasperthemulehatadult200white.jpg Jasper the Mule Hat
Authentic Jasper the Mule Hat. Khaki. Adjustable. Embroidered Jasper the Mule logo.
Available in Youth or Adult sizes.

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storejasperthemuletshirt200white.jpg T-Shirt - Jasper the Mule
Cream color shirt with color design. Available in youth sizes (small, medium and large) and adult sizes (small)
50% cotton, 50% polyester

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